Čelakovského 4297, Chomutov t.: +420 725 132 422 e.: recepce@hotelsudety.cz


Welcome to Chomutov. The Land of contrasts. Where else do you find such a combination of industrial landscape, historical architecture and the wild nature of Ore mountains?
To“ promise mountains and mines“ is a saying in Czech when somebody promises anything impossible. It is similar to the English phrase „promise the moon“. BUT – we actually have these mountains and mines.
From Hotel Sudety everything is within reach. A five minute walk will take you to the town centre, the zoo, sports and ice-hockey halls, as well as, Alum Lake (Kamencové jezero). And of course the mountains and coal mines are also nearby.

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We can offer you 22 double rooms, 2 three-bed rooms and 4 four-bed rooms. All have their own WC and shower. Free WiFi and satelite TV set are standard. Free parking is available in the hotel compound. Guests may also have use of an equipped kitchenette.

How much is it?

  • Single room 800 Kč (32€) , double room 1200 Kč (48€)
  • Breakfast included
  • Children up to 4 years of age are free, reduced prices for groups, seniors, students, cultural events organizers and film crews


At the Hotel Sudety Restaurant you can enjoy Czech traditional cuisine. While in Sudetenland you may also want to try one of the local specialities. The traditional regional dishes actually reflect the credo of our cooking – simple and very tasty. Would you like Frazen or Äpplspitzen?

Important information

  • Open 11:00 – 22:00, closed on Sunday
  • Lunch Menu 89 Kč (3,5€)
  • Children´s nook

Private dining and meeting rooms, lease, events

You may also rent one of our private dining and meeting rooms, the restaurant, hotel roof terrace or garden for your business or private functions, public events and (almost) anything. Our experienced staff will gladly help prepare and plan your event if you wish.

Good to know

  • Private meeting rooms, with seating for up to 60 people
  • Projector and screen available
  • Basic price from 300 Kč per hour, agreement possible
CALL +420 725 132 422 …. OR CLICK FOR MORE INFO

We have enough parking. So we decided to convert one parking lot into garden.Have a look.
We are discovering the traditional local cuisine. Just come to taste it!

Northwest Bohemia is so far an undiscovered tourist paradise. It would be difficult to find so many contrasts in one place anywhere else. Set out for a trip throughout the wild mountain landscape, coal mines, power plants and historical as well as socialist architecture with our guides. The chance of being enchanted by Northwest Bohemia forever is really high.


And why Hotel Sudety?

Our aim is to rehabilitate the term SUDETY (Sudetenland) that had been banned up to 1974. It is really surprising how even nowadays merely uttering this term provokes very irritated responses . We would like to return this word to currently used phraseology and finally liberate it from all political aftertastes.
This was the main reason why the project Sudety come into existence. The first act was the renaming of this hotel to HOTEL SUDETY. At the same time, in the hotel compound, there emerges a symbolical artefact : The Point of Reconciliation. This was originally intended as a memorial to the expelled Germans, we now have proceeded to a more general messagein this space. According to our philosophy today The Point of Reconciliation would be a place where you can symbolically rid yourself of your personal animosity, prejudices and intolerance.
In the near future there will also be established a cultural centre and library with works of contemporary authors from Sudety. Books dealing with the Sudeten Germans expulsion issues and regional history will be found there. This would evolve as a platform where it would be possible to speak openly about positive and negative issues that surround the co-existence of Czechs and Germans in this region.

The text was written in June 2016 by Jan Kubricht, the new owner of the hotel.

The premises will be used for holding cross-border cultural – e.g. literary, musical or theatre performances. We will happily welcome your ideas and suggestions to enrich the programme.
If you lend artworks or relics related to the local history, we will gladly exhibit them in the hotel.The transformation of the hotel doesn´t lay only in the change of the name. In order to remember some vanished towns and villages in Northwestern Sudetenland in the neighbouring districts of Chomutov, Most and Teplice, we have decided to name each of the hotel rooms after one vanished place and provide it with corresponding documentation and decorations.
We have now fully realized the rooms of Přísečnice – Priessnitz, Fláje – Flaya, Radovesice – Radowesitz a Kopisty- Kopiz.
Sudety is not a dirty word.
We believe that The Sudety Project will appeal to you and that you will go along with its idea. We are looking forward to seeing you frequently here.