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Mountains and mines – holiday packages

We have prepared for you holiday packages. Set out for a tour to the landscape of mountains and mines with our local guides. This rather unusual trip will convince you that the Northwestern Bohemia is in fact a sleeping beauty.

Vanished villages and sea

More than one hundred towns and villages have disappeared from the face of the earth in this region. They were swallowed by mines, power plants and construction for a bright future. Set off to the centre of the territory that has survived an apocalypse. Stay for three days in Chomutov Hotel Sudety and let our local experts guide you throughout the region that will fascinate you with its contrasts. And you will also see a sea. The Sea of peace.
Three-day stay, 2 nights
Boarding: full board – 2x dinner, 2x lunch, 2x breakfast.
Contents of the package:
1st day
15:00 welcome drink and snack in Hotel Sudety
16:00 train departure to Most – guided tour of socialist architecture; visit of the moved church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary (Nanebevzetí Panny Marie)
19:30 dinner at Hotel Sudety
20:30 guided tour of the Chomutov town centre
2nd day
8:00 breakfast
9:00 departure for the tour of a brown coal mine
11:00 visit Jezeří castle and pass through the chemical plant at Záluží
12:30 lunch (lunch package)
13:00 visit the artefacts of The Sea of Peace (Moře klidu)
16:00 stopover at the Bílina river (It´s bed has been drained off to the pipeline)
17:00 Tour of the Krušné hory Folk Art Centre at Zoopark Chomutov, taste the local liqueur
18:00 Approx. 2 km walk around Alum Lake (Kamencové jezero) back to the hotel
19:00 dinner at Hotel Sudety (outdoor barbecue if weather allows)
20:00 View documentary films
3rd day
8:00 breakfast
9:00 departure to Krušné hory – National Nature Reserve of peat bogs Novodomská rašeliniště, Orasín monument, in summer swimming at natural lake
12:30 lunch at Hotel Sudety – enjoy the specialities of the Krušné hory region

Bonus: Bonus: If you decide to stay at least one more night at the hotel in order to enjoy Krušnohoří, dinner is included. And moreover a taste of the local herbs liqueur.
Price 3500 Kč