Čelakovského 4297, Chomutov t.: +420 725 132 422 e.: restaurace@hotelsudety.cz

In Hotel Sudety Restaurant you can enjoy Czech traditional cuisine and great steaks. 

  • Opening hours

    Open from 11:00 till 22:00. If you and your guests need, we will of course open also in other times.

  • Lunch Menu

    From 11:00 till 15:00 we have a lunch menu for 89 Kč.

  • Celebrations and Parties

    We like them and we are good at them. You can have a special price just for you if you are a larger group. Children are welcome, we have a children´s nook.

Our chef Petr Potužník not only cooks great, he is also an enthusiastic music fan. For years he worked as a music critic in leading Czech magazines. Do not be surprised that occasionally he also serves music menus. Follow us a program of cultural events.

1pc Toast with ham, egg  and cheese 60 Kč
1pc Toast with meat mix (chicken and pork meat) 70 Kč
0,2l Chicken bouillon soup with nobles and liver dumplings 30 Kč
0,2l Old Bohemian garlic soup with cheese 30 Kč
150g Beef goulash with dumplings 115 Kč
150g Roast pork meat with dumplings and sauerkraut 120 Kč
150g Smoked meat with souerkraut and potato pancakes 110 Kč
1pc Roast pork knuckle with dumplings and sauerkraut 159 Kč
150g Smažený sýr 90 Kč
120g Fried cheese 90 Kč
120g Fried ermine cheese 90 Kč
150g Fried cauliflower 80 Kč
150g Fried champignons 80 Kč
200g Fried chicken schnitzel 125 Kč
200g Chicken steak made on champignons 129 Kč
200g Chicken steak with broccoli and cheese 138 Kč
200g Chicken steak made on French beans and bacon 138 Kč
200g Chicken nobles on curry and pineapple 129 Kč
200g Fried pork schnitzel 125 Kč
200g Fried pork schnitzel filled with ham and cheese 139 Kč
200g Pork steak with bacon and devil sauce 138 Kč
200g Devil sliced pork meat with peppers 129 Kč
200g Rump steak Jack Daniels 225 Kč
200g Rump steak made on mushrooms 198 Kč
200g Rump steak with cheese sauce 210 Kč
200g Marinated steak with viennese onions 189 Kč
200g Pork meat steak made on green pepper with cream sauce 189 Kč
Devil sauce – Mushroom sauce
Garlic dip A7
Ketchup – Mustard – Horseradish sauce
200g Mixed vegetables salad 68 Kč
200g Tomato salad 58 Kč
200g Cucumber salad 58 Kč
250g Mix of salads with meat and champignons 125 Kč
200g Boiled potatoes 25 Kč
200g Mashed potatoes with onion and bacon 35 Kč
200g Fries 30 Kč
200g Potato croquettes 30 Kč
150g American potatoes 35 Kč
200g Rice 20 Kč
200g Dumplings 30 Kč
200g Steamed vegetables made on butter 38 Kč
150g French beans roasted with bacon and garlic 38 Kč

For children we have chicken nuggets or a natural chicken slice with a side dish for CZK 88. And if your kids want something sweet, tell the waitor. The chef will definitely think something.