Čelakovského 4297, Chomutov t.: +420 725 132 422 e.: recepce@hotelsudety.cz

Part of the hotel premises is also The Creative centre Sudety. We have set aside a certain space for rehearsal rooms, recording studios, artist´s workshops, sewing workrooms or a base for breakdance – all provided by local artists. We will gladly welcome other creative talents and people with good ideas and motivation to change the Chomutov region. We still have some space left.
As we have plenty of parking spots, we change the parking in front of the hotel into a garden. Have a look.
The Hotel is the home of Jazz under the Mountains. Cirillic Concert – December the 5th, 19:00
Hotel Sudety is a harbour of Moře klidu (The Sea of Peace). Real sea under Krušné hory makes sense.
Visit the exhibition of the Schlaraffia society in February. The hotel owner is Rt. Schwejk aus dem UHUUrland(428).
We are preparing a co-working space for you. For people from Chomutov as well as for professionals who really need to work on business trips. We would like to have some feedback and recommendations from you before opening.
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We are changing the former gymnasium into an exhibition hall for commemorating local history.We are restoring the room interiors in the spirit of vanished villages. We have put the artwork The Point of Reconciliation (Bod smíření) in front of the hotel. And we have named the hotel Sudety. In short – we love history and the traditions of the Czech-German borderlands. If you have the same feelings and you would like to join forces, contact us.
By the way – historical researchers and organizers of historical conferences have discount.
Enrol by phone +420 739 320 640 or on mk@hotelsudety.cz